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1985: In the beginning...

Hi, my name is Jeanetmarie, and I am the creator of Good Hair Cards (originally called Good Hair Salon Cards in 1990). All my good hair illustrations are trademarked illustrations are drawn inside of Adobe Illustratior using a interactive pen on a Wacom Cintiq Pro 27. I love drawing and do not use AI generated images on my cards!The Good Hair Cards collection features Black women and their trendsetting hairstyles. The collection celebrates Queens who like to rock their crowns!People often ask me how I started doing the illustrations for Good Hair Cards. An artist since kindergarten, I had redesigned a business card for my hairstylist. I couldn't stand the black and white clipart on her business cards. It was an image of a woman with a beehive hairdo. So I drew an illustration in a new software program I had learned on the job called Adobe Illustrator.I didn't think twice about the illustration I drew until I started getting requests from other stylists to draw illustrations for them. My newfound gig turned out to be a good thing because in 1991 brokerage firms began outsourcing graphic jobs to Ireland. I was working for an investment firm as a graphics specialist, and I knew from my father's experience as a laid off factory worker this wasn't a good sign.By 1997 more companies were outsourcing jobs like mine overseas. So I updated my drawing skills and got a certificate in graphic design from (now Sessions College for Professional Design). Sixteen years later (includng two layoffs), Good Hair Cards made its debuted at the 2013 Black Women's Expo in Chicago.From 2014 to 2023, I sold my cards as a part-time street vendor in Harlem. People from all walks of life bought my artwork. I'm semi-retired now, and I will be expanding the collection beyond greeting cards. 2024 will see a launch into a international brand. Many thanks to the wonderful folks who bought my cards and gave me valuable feedback. It's been a lovely journey. Cheers.In the meantime, please visit my website: Good Hair Cheers!

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