Good Hair Cards

1985: In the beginning...

My name is Jeanetmarie Smith, and I am the creator of Good Hair Cards. The Good Hair Cards collection celebrates Black women's trendsetting hairstyles without getting into the politics about why or how they feel about their hair. Good Hair Cards simply celebrates the wonderful diversity of Black hair styling.

People often ask me how I started doing the illustrations for Good Hair Cards. Actually, it started after I had redesigned a business card for my hairstylist. An artist since kindergarten, I couldn't stand the old fashion black and white clip art she had on her card. So I drew a new illustration for her.

I didn't think twice about it until I started getting requests from others to draw illustrations for them. This side hustle turned out to be a good thing because in 1991 I had read brokerage firms were outsourcing jobs like mine to Ireland.

By 1997, more Wall Street firms were outsourcing jobs. So I got a certificate in graphic design. Fast forward 16 years plus two layoffs later and the Good Hair Cards collection debuted at the 2013 Black Women's Expo in Chicago.

From 2014 to 2019, I sold over 20,000 cards as a street vendor in New York City. People from all walks of life have bought my cards. Many thanks to the folks who bought my cards and gave me valuable feedback. It's been a lovely journey. 2021 will see our launch into a bigger and international brand. Check out my Kiva campaign. In the meantime, please visit my website: Good Hair Cheers!

Jeanetmarie Smith


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